© Linley Kennedy – March 2016

If you live in Brisbane, you have got to love the storms.

The heat’s oppressive with no breeze. The ground is bare and dry,
and Brisbane-ites plead for relief from curdled leaden sky.
Heat rises from the pavement and our bodies exude sweat.
We know the rain will soon be here – the punters make a bet ….

A rumble in the distance, where the clouds hang low and dark.
Sporadic flashes round the hills – we head home from the park.
The air is humid, hard to breathe, foreboding clouds now slide.
Dogs know it’s coming, blindly race to somewhere they can hide.

The storm hits with torrential rain – we now sense some respite,
as precious rain comes thund’ring down – birds disappear from sight.
Next comes the hail, great chunks of ice that bounce on path and ground.
Tin roofs will rattle, skylights smash – a terrifying sound.

We’re wary as the storm attacks, on this warm summer’s day –
of course we Brisbane-ites make sure we’ve put our cars away!
The lightning cracks …. resounding BOOM – we count the seconds now
to see how far away it is – it’s just two seconds, WOW!

That one was close – keep off the phone, away from windows too.
Don’t shelter underneath a tree … the hail starts now, on cue.
We pray to God our roof won’t leak, our house is built up high.
Then myriads of lightning strikes illuminate the sky.

I stand and watch this deluge – it is awesome you’ll agree,
a hundred thousand flashes – entertainment all for free!
I breathe clean air and feel relief, my fears are all but gone,
take in this pyrotechnic show which nature has turned on.

Before the storm, oppressive humid air enshrouded town,
and Brisbane seemed to lose her brightly coloured floral gown.
This wild exploding storm has brought us welcome cooling rain …
We feel renewed, our world cranks up, and life goes on again.

These storms are nature’s special gift – they come around each year –
to Brisbane, when those lightning shows and green rain clouds appear.
It’s all around. Great spectacle! Rain thunders all about –
“We love this rain,” our parched and dried up gardens seem to shout.

So where else but old Brisbane would they take a storm with ease,
which causes chaos on the roads, small floods and splintered trees.
But friends come round to help each other clean the wild storm’s trash …
and pretty soon it’s swept and gone, that awful soggy mash.

So come to Brisbane if you like to see a raging storm.
We’ll also promise we will keep you sticky, clammy, warm!
Next day, it’s gone – the lightning show with all that heavy rain,
Within a week, her new cloak blooms – she looks her best again!