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Kay Gorring

Kay Gorring is a multi-award-winning poet for writing in the modern Bush Poetry style. A story-teller at heart she joined the North Pine Bush Poets in 2013 and never looked back. These days Kay writes poetry almost exclusively in rhyme and metre and is always experimenting.

Kay has done readings of her work at commemorative functions, charitable organizations, art exhibitions, festivals and at other writing and poetry groups. She has worked collaboratively on interactive poetry and art installations; held workshops, poetry talks and has written poems for special occasions. Her work has been published in magazines and anthologies and she sells her work in chapbooks. You will often find her at the North Pine Bush Poets at Old Petrie Town presenting her latest works.

Area:  Brisbane, South East Qld

Years Performing: eight

Entertainment style:  Other

Merchandise: Home-printed Poetry Chapbooks, Handmade art and poetry combos, Collage art pieces featuring poetry.

Poet/Writers work


This is an excerpt from the poem that won the Tim Borthwick
Memorial prize at the 48th Bronze Swagman awards

I am old and frail and far from home
but my mind is often apt to roam
and I find my thoughts are always drawn
to a country farm one misty morn.
I was just a lad on morning chores
when I found the tracks of dingo paws.
They had hunted long into the night
where the shadows kept them out of sight.

And I tracked the ground where nothing grew
and I breathed the swirling dust that blew
while the beaten tears rose in my eyes
and the light grew strong in eastern skies.
It was then I saw the chestnut foal
and a scene that touched my jaded soul
for his shoulder bore the bloodied mark
where the dogs had caught him in the dark.

He was left alone, I knew not why,
for I had not found a mare nearby
and I thought it better, shoot him dead,
for we’d not the means to keep him fed.
So I got the gun and lined my eye
as he stood against the rosy sky
but my finger froze, my vision blurred,
as the kindness in my heart was stirred

You can continue reading this poem
and other prize-winning poems on Kay’s website