Congratulations to our North Pine poets!

    The Friday evening was full of songs and poetry. A special guest was young Amy Ryan who won the “Welcome back to Tamworth’ song writing award 2020 .

    The One Minute poem was won by Andrew Ryan.

    Saturday competition results:

    Overall Grand Champion and winner of the Logan’s Legacy award: Andrew Pulsford. Andrew won the Modern and placed second in the Classical and the Original.

    The Logan’s Legend award Highest points in the Logan group went to Janine Keating who won the Classical and placed second in the Modern. Janine also received the Perpetual Trophy given every year to the top Logan Legend.

    Bob Kettle won the Original and placed third in the Modern.

    Paddy OBrien placed third in the Modern and Original 

    Mike Gilmore from North Pine got a third in the Novice and the Classical.

    Don Macqueen won the Logan’s Luck. (This award goes to the highest point scorer in the Logan group who has not won an Open.

    The Novice was won by Ruth Savage

    Favourite ‘Logan Lag’ was won by Paddy O’Brien. 

    Written was won by Brenda Joy.

    Great work by relative newcomers, Mike and Andrew, as well as vintage poet, Paddy, and of course young Amy Ryan who we all hope to hear much from at future gigs.